Clash of Clans Tips and Strategy Defense #1

Welcome to my Clash of Clans Strategy Guide. If you're just interested in the good stuff, skip down to below. Still with me? Good stuff. I'm starting this guide so I don't need to keep writing out the same suggestions for people when they want their bases reviewed. I'll still give specific details, but now I'll be able to link them to one place. Eventually this guide will probably be on the Reddit Wiki system, once it is released. Please do not post this guide without permission (just PM me and ask) and without crediting me. 

I'll try to keep updating this guide, and I'll try to keep it not so wordy, and have images, especially in the beginner chapters. Please excuse my [lack of] MSPaint skills. If you have advice, images, comments, suggestions of your own, please feel free to comment and I'll incorporate them.

Chapter 1 Sections:
1.1 Defend your Defenses
1.1.1 Oh God! Enemies Can Spawn There Too?!
1.1.2 Holes in bases are bad, mmk?
1.2 Overlapping Defenses
1.3 Splash Damage: It's your friend!
1.3.1: Where should I place my Mortar?
1.3.2: Where should I place my Air Defense?
1.4 Don't try to stuff everything inside your walls
1.4.1 What should I keep outside my walls?

Chapter 2: Advanced Base Defense

1.1: How to Defend your Defenses
Walls are good. But walls are not the only part in a super awesome base. The #1 mistake I see new players (or not so new players) doing is placing their defenses so they can be targeted by archers spawning outside of the walls. Don't make this mistake.

The difference between 'Decent' and 'Great' has to do with the way units decide which building to attack next. It it too complicated to get into here (this 'basics' section) but I think I'll cover it later in more detail.

The buildings protecting your defenses do matter - Mines/collectors will have more HP than Barracks/Builder's Huts.

1.1.1: Oh God! Enemies Can Spawn There Too?! Not good! Unless it's your enemy! from wadely
Yes, enemies can spawn around the ring of your base. No, you can't build there to stop them. 

1.1.2: Holes in bases are bad, mmk?
When you move any building or wall (but not decorations, it shows you white lines one space larger in every direction than that building. This is showing you where enemies can spawn. Make sure you don't have any holes in your base to let them spawn inside your walls. That would be bad. I will write about how to leave intentional spawn spots in your base later, in the advanced base defense chapter. 

1.2: Overlapping Defenses
Not Good.

Another common mistake is placing all of your defenses widely spread apart to cover as many buildings as possible. Dies very easily to several giants. Or to groups of infantry, especially archers. Or to balloons. Which I guess it means it just dies to everything. This often goes along with 'Trying to stuff everything inside your walls' covered later. 

1.3: Splash Damage: It's your friend!
Mortars (and later wizard towers) are your first and last line of defense against mass infantry attacks. A mortar's damage is only limited by how many troops your enemy puts down and how well you funnel them into where you want them. A fully upgraded mortar (level 6, total cost 3,752,000 gold) will do 45 damage in one shot to the unit it targets. In the same amount of time (5 seconds) an archer tower (level 1, total cost 1,000 gold) will do 55 damage to the unit it is targeting. What does this mean? It means you need to make sure your splash damage defenses are hitting enemies in groups and are protected. How do you get them to hit enemies in groups? Put then in the middle of your base - As soon as the enemy destroy a wall and funnel through it, they will be nice and bunched up for the mortars. 

1.3.1: Where should I place my Mortar?
Somewhere very protected. Probably in the middle if your base, ideally with it's own wall around it. 

1.3.2: Where should I place my Air Defense?
In the middle of your base. Mass are attacks are rare (due to time to build), but not unheard of. A single, upgraded anti air turret is a wonderful deterrent, but it should be placed in the middle of your base. More specifically, it should be placed such that, if a mass balloon attack comes, It won't be the first, second, or third defense they kill.

1.4: Don't try to stuff everything inside your walls
Not Good.

As a counter point to 1.2: Overlapping Defenses, don't try to enclose everything within your walls. First off you will often break 1.2: Overlapping Defenses and 1.1: Defend your Defenses by trying to cover everything, but secondly it is just a waste of walls. Double thick walls are better than a massive single thick wall. 

1.4.1: What should I keep outside my walls?
Absolutely keep your builder huts, Laboratory, Barracks, and Spell Factory outside your walls. None of these matter if they get destroyed - no progress or resources are lost.

Next I would keep out Army camps, and Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. Each of these has a consequence if they get attacked: Mines/Collectors get resources stolen (but only uncollected resources), and if an army camp dies all troops stationed in it die. Some people really like keeping Mines/Collectors inside - It depends on how often you play. If you do keep a few inside, make sure they are your highest level ones.

What does that leave? Town Hall, Defenses, Elixir Storage, Gold Storage. All of these should be inside your walls and as protected as possible. If you are at a stage in the game where you don't care about trophies, you can also kick your town hall outside the walls. You will be easy to defeat, but if you're only trying to protect your resources then the town hall takes up a lot of space. 

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